Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 13, 2014

The Gift~by Rikki Bertrand



The Gift

Dark, black, shadowed and alone,
He walks in silence with head down,
The future does not pass his way,
His present is not to sound.

Like and orphan of the human race,
His heart is sad and blue.
He walks alone with head held low,
With no real life to pursue.

Then a light falls upon his soul,
And he lifts his head up high,
Beauty stands before him,
With color in her eye.

She reaches out and gifts him,
A beautiful pink balloon,
His heart begins to warm,
And his soul begins to swoon

The darkness lifts and a smile forms
He has felt the love of heart,
That one little gift of kindness.
Has removed him from the dark.

©Rik Bertrand (JUNE 2014 #33) and then from the darkness I came into the light. thanks

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