Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 14, 2014

Can man conquer evil? The wolf is alive! ~by rldubour



Can man conquer evil?

The wolf is alive!

Remember that girl who wore a red hood?
Going to grandma’s along the path in the woods.


The bad wolf was lurking behind all the trees.
We all thought the woodsmen had killed him with ease.

Well, hold on to your seat for things are much worse.
That wolf is alive and driving a hearse!

The bullet once used to end this wolf’s terror
Was made of lead, was one drastic error.

When the woodsman had shot him, his aim was so true.
He needed one silver bullet, not the kind he had used.

Now a hundred years later I fear for our fate.
Instead of your flesh it’s the soul he will take.

If the angels are not there when you take your last breath.
He will know in a moment and race there to fetch.

He will be there to greet you, no longer a myth..
To pick up your body all cold and stiff.

With all his hatred and arrogance so bold.
He will haggle with Satan until it is sold.

This wolf of today has evil intent.
He can change to white powder to make your mind spent.

He will show all the burglars they do not need keys
How anything locked can be opened with ease!

He will take the young ladies their lives he will seek.
Violence he’ll prey on the old and the weak.

If the woodsmen had known a new day would come.
He would have cut out the heart of this evil one.

He’d have driven a stake so people could see.
Man can conquer evil and live… peacefully!

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