Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 14, 2014

“Empty Bottles”~by Rose Applebloom



“Empty Bottles”

These things emptied me out,
Like a kid emptying out her case,
Or like a grown woman emptied out in tears,
Yet the emptying had me cry out in the magic of happiness,
The happiness of someone being there –
To catch me at my feet,
To breathe it among the toss and turns
Of faith and wine,
Of all the whims that we had to dine,
To make bottles feel empty –

The bottles crashed out there and I felt the rush
Of sudden spectacular fizzes putting me to the sounds of the jitterbugs and the music –
Loud and spazzed out –
Funked out and clear,
As we laughed and roamed
While binging our times out to the
Places we went around with the wonderment
Of all that each other’s woes had to place
In all of the light that paved it out –

To the happiness of the rush,
To the sounds of all the hushes –
And through the swiftness of the whole thing
Wrought in on magnetic space –

I binged it twice,
Shed these out to the sentiments of our lush abundance,
To light up our times to the greatest
Of the phrases
Grieved out to the smoothest of
Our happy sounds.

2014 ©


  1. I love the line ’emptied out in tears.’ That has such a raw feel to it.

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