Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 14, 2014

Jason Voorhees~by Rikki Bertrand



Jason Voorhees

Full moon stretches across serene sky
As the Fog hugs Camp Crystal lake.
Night most frightening coming our way
Of my words there is no mistake.

Jason Voorhees with axe in hand
Wanders vengefully this bright night
Looking to make a deadly mark
And stir up quite a fright.

Friday the 13th is always a scare,
But this one is a double deal,
The 13th and a bright full moon.
Will make death more surreal.

His drowning caused by Negligence,
The staff of the camp were at fault,
And now each Friday the 13th,
Jason leads his vengeful assault.

Many believe to be urban legend,
But I know for a fact that it’s real,
I was there on that fateful day,
And still, the nightmares I do see.

Jason Voorhees forgive me,
For it was I that did not save you,
You killed all the other staff,
As I left cowardly by hidden venue.

I know the legend will always live on,
Until you find me and take my soul.
So this 13th with the full moon,
I give myself up to make you whole.

©REB (JUNE 2014 # 35) Take me Jason , its time

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