Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 15, 2014

‘Dear Dad’~by Mary Cecil



‘Dear Dad’

In the harsh judgement of my youth
I failed to see,
All the great gifts
You gave to me

Your tolerance and understanding
Your love of humanity,
Your brilliant mind
With absence of vanity

How much I now long
To sit and chat,
About the meaning of life,
And this and that

The life you lived
Your grief’s unseen,
The what’s and ifs
The mights have been

Of all of that
So little I knew,
Now life has instilled,
A better view

In the balances and checks
Midst misfortunes and strife,
All you can do
Is live your life

Dear Dad I’ll miss you forever,
And hope you can see
That you created,
The best in me

Mary Cecil
‘Dedicated to the memory of my father’


  1. Well said.

    • Thank YOU

    • Thank you for your comment ‘Laundry Maid’ I appreciate your comments.

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