Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 15, 2014


Poesy plus Polemics

Mount Everest Photo by Nuptse Travel From Mount Everest
Photo by Nuptse Travel

lord high chancellor of all things terrestrial
mocks mere human pretensions to majesty
speaks in thunderous chants carried roaring
across massif peaks by glib winds of Eurasia

it stretches to reach the roof of the world
causing strains that tear open crevasses
cut deep in its petrified dermis of ice lending
even more fierceness to jagged cold character

vertical faces stare out from precipitous heights
sharp with challenge to yearnings for exploit
ineluctable risk dares tumescent bravado
counting coup by the corpses embedding its slopes

wanton wounds from steel eyebolts and pitons
hardly annoy as it laughs with the violence of storms
at the few fools who plant their flags at the summit
for not a one realizes how they’ve been duped

external experience caters a dishonest rapture
real essence of joy exults only the inner dimensions
these climbers will never know…

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