Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 15, 2014

Jealousy~by Abdul Wahab




I respect him not because of the fact that
He has great qualities or handsomeness
He is neither a Mr. Universe nor an Einstein
And I have no connection whatsoever with him any way
Except the wounds he develops
Inside him
And allow him to be eaten away slowly
In feeding the termites he hosts
Burn his soul
Boil his blood
In the flames of fire he kindles
And silently heading towards his grave
Is he a coward or brave
A wise or fool
God knows
But I know
He helps me a lot
In boosting my confidence up
And makes me think
I am better than few including him
So far so good he is to me
I thank him a bunch
For being jealous of what I have which others have not.

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