Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 15, 2014

Loving that Chemistry ~by rldubour



Loving that Chemistry

In a true soul mate relationship
To each other they will worship.
The secret is their longevity
They say it’s in the chemistry.

A relationship built for eternity
The feeling described is reality
Breathless, excited and weak in the knees
While making you calm and feeling at ease.

Palms sweat, heart races, body does tingle
Lost long ago the will to stay single.
The feeling of nervous anticipation.
Intense feelings of gratification.

First is the physical attraction
This starts the chemical reaction.
Values, beliefs and personalities
Physical passion with sincerity.


Two is Spiritual affinity
Building attachment and anxiety.
Intense emotions in sharing a life
True commitment for a man and his wife.

Don’t confuse great sex with romantic love.
One half of both are what this is made of.
A life of deep friendship is sent from above
The final ingredients for eternal love.

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