Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 16, 2014

Destination America~MARYLAND~by rldubour

Monday! time to journey into another great state in America (in alpha order). Today we visit the great state of:



Queen Henrietta, wife of King Charles the first
For her this English name was preferred.
The residents are called “Marylanders”
The motto is, “Manly deeds, Womanly words.”

Nicknamed “The Old Line State” which
Honors Maryland’s regiments of the line.
Who fought with distinction in the American
Revolution, their courage will always shine.

Between Maryland and Pennsylvania
British surveyors worked to define
The boundary of each state, known as
“The Mason-Dixon Line.”

The bombs were bursting in air
As he still wrote among the mayhem.
At Fort McHenry, inspired Frances Scott Key
Wrote the words to our “National Anthem.”

The state’s bird is the Baltimore Oriole
For their colors and their charm
The state flower is the Black-eyed Susan
The insignia of Lord Baltimore’s coat of arms.

The insect is the Checkerspot Butterfly
The White Oak is the state tree
The reptile is the Diamondback Terrapin
And number one is the blue crab from the sea.

Tilghman Island is home to the Skipjacks,
The only commercial sailing fleet
Maryland has forty-seven operational state parks
That cover 90,239 acres of nature to seek.

The University of Maryland was the first and
Only school to offer dentistry that one could take.
And Baseball’s greats like Babe Ruth and Jim Fox
Al Kaline and Carl Ripken are all from this state.

Made of wrought iron and cast iron,
The world’s only bridge of this type.
Is the Bollman Truss Railroad Bridge
Located in Savage and deserves all the hype.

Again it’s time for famous names
Eubie Blake and George Herman “Babe” Ruth
John Hopkins and Francis Scott Key
Thurgood Marshall and John Wilkes Booth.


Statehood, April 28, 1788 the 7th state
Capital is Annapolis


Rockfish is a striped bass.
1763-1767 Mason-Dixon Line surveyed.
Diamondback Terrapin any edible web footed turtle.



  1. You taught me something new, Ron, and i appreciate that

    • glad you enjoy!!! thanks a million

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