Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 17, 2014

‘Life’s Lessons’~by Mary Cecil



‘Life’s Lessons’

She was young and beautiful
And didn’t know it was so
Throwing herself at men
And watching as they go

Each tiny flaw
Magnified imperfection
Consumed with doubt and fears
Confirming her rejection

Uncertain and unsure
What to do or say
Would make them stay with her
For longer than the fray

The fear that stalked her heart
She didn’t realise
What ruthless men would do
Was use her as a prize

Until the moment came
At last that she could see
The faults they weren’t hers
And that would set her free

The fears and doubts all fled
She could walk away
To choose or not at will
‘She’ could go or stay

So the lesson in her life
Was belief could take you far
And doubt would be a prison
If you create the bars

Mary Cecil

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