Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 17, 2014

LOVE…..~by Gurpreet K Bhogal




Those depths, the weight of your words
can in silence only be heard……
and I take a deep plunge in my being
drowning in the silence who is from all around seeing…..
and a beautiful conversation with life begins
in this venue called ‘within’…..
the echoes of silence are as loud as life
and our gossiping within goes rife…..
as little children with arms around eachother walking
this silence seems to be doing some amazing talking…..
these depths don’t hurt, and I land as light as a feather
enjoying life’s beautiful weather…..
and the raindrops of dreams make me drench
removing the world’s mundane stench…..
ages of destiny and fate’s layered dust melt
and the first touch of ‘self’ can be felt……..
and all I now smell is just of ‘me’
and I guess that’s all you wanted me to be……

-Gurpreet (preet…..)

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