Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 17, 2014





Oh traveler! Stop awhile,
Where ye gaiting to nay,-
The beautiful sceneries o’ nature,
And lost thy way?

See! The Moon and the stars,
Are playing bo-peep in mirth;
Dew drops and the saffron morn,
Are not avail ye to cheer-up?

The noising rivers and green fields,
Moving amber wheat’s-ear; locust
Leaves o’ spring and fragrant air,
Are not avail ye to enchant?

Rainbow o’ the luminous high,
Comely flush of sunrise and dusk;
And the snowy slopes of hillside,
Are not avail ye to dap in love?

Yes, the nature is quaint and beautiful,
But the longing and love for materials;
Fasten the human, his soul and mind,
And haul him from all the pleasures.

-Surender Goel

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