Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 20, 2014

ღLike a Tomb .. ღ ~by ღ Mira ღ



ღLike a Tomb .. ღ

I can’t remember how long have I been sitting here
Waiting for you to come back home..
Lying awake in our bed all alone.

It’s been dark and still like a tomb
Lying here without you.

Listening to my own breathing
As loud as my heart beating.

I know you’re with her tonight
While you should’ve been with me.
Your arms holding her tight
While they should be holding me.

I can’t remember how long have I been waiting
Eaten alive by loneliness…
Drowning in emptiness…

It’s been dark and cold like a tomb
Dying here without you.

I bet you’re whispering her name
I bet she’s enjoying the flame…

Are you lost somewhere in her eyes
Searching for words to say?
Are you telling her your same old lies
That once swept my heart away..?

Strangers lying side by side
I bet you still have her face in your head
I see the truth you want to find
I see my dream is dead.

Looking for unspoken words through your eyes
To tell me all my doubts are lies.

Instead I saw my reflection dying
And heard my broken heart crying.

It’s been cold and still like a tomb
Living here with you. ©

ღ Mira ღ


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