Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 20, 2014

DUD ~by Samita Chattopadhyay




A tranquil journey…
Many springs passed by…
He kept himself penned.

Now he is calm

The world seems far-flung…
He struts;
Braces himself from the odd worldly wind;
He does not want this bizarre world to cajole
Con him

Stuck in a lonely place –
Away from space and time –
It seems.
Come rain,
Come shine
He is not gonna move.
He swaggers…

He calls silence.
And there it comes.
He quivers
And wobbles;
His voice shakes;
He gawks at the stark silence;
It appears as a woman
An unscathed youth

Is this love?
He temporizes…
But like an ocean
Passion drives him crazy

He calls again
Tries to coax
Inveigle silence to talk
But there was utter silence

He yells,
‘Oh Gosh!
Wanna start
A fresh discourse with you….’

Silence smiles

Samita Chattopadhyay

June 20, 2014 at 2:40pm

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