Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 20, 2014

Fallacies~by Abdul Wahab




Logic is not a molded rectangular Piece of clay
baked by the sun or in a kiln
and use them in building your poem 
or lay them on pavement for your lazy strolling
as some poets do
when they see God in shambles
sacrificing animals !!
even they see Him like hawker selling fruits
and in whore lane too
( who sells whose body to whom ?)
same is the case when poets
without any proper thoughts
regarding the birth of female species
in compact paraphrases make statements
that women come out of a man’s left rib
not from feet to be walked on
not from head to be superior
but from side to be equal
under the arm to be protected
i know this concept has been written in books
and followed by many well known poets
but it is very diminutive
and offensive too
if the best definition of humanism which refers
to the thoughts and actions employed to enhance
the dignity of human
then I wonder
how a woman’s honor is kept
when we believe she is not born from nature
like that of a man but from his left rib
this is a sure example of fallacy
under the garb of rhetoric
its in comp ablative with subtler ideas
and incoherent with higher sense
so it must be put in dustbin
the most logical step
resulting in .

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