Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 20, 2014

Twist and Turn~by Abdul Wahab



Twist and Turn

From 1970 to 1990
For me the things were very simple
And they appeared only in two colors
Either in black or white
Very unromantic, unfunny and dry
The meanings of hints and signs I used to take straight
As I knew not any zigzag ways
A true zombie
Spade a spade in approach
An innocent gullible
Easily deceived by the face values
Until I met suddenly
With twist in the gully
My first girl friend with whom later I fell in love deeply
She taught me how to be too witty
To take things in my stride
And escape
And matter not
How much precarious is the situation
Since then anyhow at the end
With lots of fun and banter
I come out clean
And she becomes my never ending source of pleasure
Ever supplying spring of joy
The game of life
I played with her with all of my elegance well.

Yet my life became too obvious
And I kept to be caught easily by people
As the tricks I would play
Became too predictable
What the purpose would be behind my actions
And the path I would take
They had lots of clues before hand
No cloud
No enough smoke
To envelop them in shroud
And keep people off-balance
I was far down
On a wrong path
Where I met with Turn
My second girl friend
Since then I never remain as plain as a pikestaff
Or as dull as surface flat
Keeping aside all obstructions and obstacles
I revolve, evolve
Rotate and roll
Thank you gals
Twist and Turn
Without you I could not meet with
Sweet kicks and bitter punches of life.

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