Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 21, 2014

EVA IS NOT MAD~by Samita Chattopadhyay




It’s raining……..
Drops of rain on the window pane…
Pit-a-pat-a tat-tum…
Pit-a-pat-a tat-tum…

He was driving fast……..

The bouquet of yellow roses
Prodding him
The face was still fresh in his mind
He laid her body gently
Her perfume was
Calling him…

He knew
That it was over…
“It’s all over baby’…
The journey could not even take pace
But she decided to say
‘Good bye’………..

‘Hush-a-bye baby’
‘Rock-a-bye baby’

“Why did you leave me Eva?
Why are you sleeping still now?”

His left hand took out the letter.

“They say that I am mad…
You believe me, right?
I am not mad, Freddy”

Her mom was looking at him
She was keen to know
What she wrote in that crumpled paper
“I told her,
‘Pamper yourself…’
She did not do that…”

Mama said,
“She was acting like a child…
We didn’t have any other way…’
“Other than declaring that she was mad?”
Yelled he…
“How could you be so puerile?
You all robbed her childhood….
She was abused…..
How could you forget that?”

Her ripe body was carrying an infant –
Was this madness?

The question was driving him barmy.
She went stir-crazy.
Why didn’t you apprehend Freddy?
“I am loopy Eva…
But how could you say ‘bye’ for good?”

There he came
He kept the bunch of roses
Kissed on the air
That was blowing
And might be touching her
Curly hair softly…

“Yes, you are zany Eva…
Only a mad dash can leave a partner like this
I am all alone in this wilderness”

He touched the flowers
As if he was caressing Eva
Then he muttered,
“But I love madness………..”


Samita Chattopadhyay

June 21, 2014 at 2:06pm

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