Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 21, 2014

NEVER EMBRACE.~by Bernard Wachira




Many hearts are consumed in hate,
With anger that consumes like fire,
Stealing away a kind heart turning,
Netting it together with strings of hate,
Planting a seed of discord in confusion,
While blocking the eyes with a Vail,
Not to see the truth in black and white.

With every chance this hate sinks deep,
Snapping breath out of a loving soul,
Killing a smile from a smiling face,
Making joyous heart fill with sadness,
Dry eyes filling with sad tears flow,
Anguishing hearts consumed in hate,
Bringing down a nation united in love.

When you teach your heart to hate,
You embrace a feeling so unpleasant,
Staining your heart with dark patches,
Building a dark world around you,
Like a candle light fading away,
With every drop of the wax melting,
So does hate fade the light shine in you.

Do not let this hate embrace you,
Never make friend or shake hands,
But embrace love and compassion
For this hate will leave you lonely,
As friends will watch you from far,
Your world as bitter as a lemon,
Bringing loneliness in your world.



  1. Persuasive and moving.If only this could be.

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