Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 21, 2014

Waiting In Fairyland~by Heather Burns



Waiting In Fairyland

from my
(Somewhere in Fantasyland Collection)

As I gazed into the
distance. From out of
nowhere a tiny person
appeared. He called my
name over and over

Yarro, Yarro!

a name I remember from

I was taken back to
another place in time
To another love devine

days of laughter, romping
in green meadows, lying
in his arms, kissing a
face so tenderly

Oh, face of yesterday

suddenly a small fairy
took flight landing on my
finger.Grabbed a hand full
of fairy dust tossed it in
my eyes. I was temporarily

as my eyes opened a garden
of beautiful roses appeared.
One rose more lovely than

viewing the scene to my
surprise nestled in the
blossoms sat the flowers of
my heart. Red pink white
yellow and coral roses making
up my hearts bouquet

Sitting in the far distance
I noticed a black rose new
handsomeand rare. Could this
be my fairy man? Waiting
for me in fairyland.

(c) copyright heather burns

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