Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 23, 2014

Education~by Author Dewey Dirks




All the world
is pretty much the same everywhere.
There are cities full of people
and countryside outside of town
both farmed and wild.

All the world over,
we work daily,
come home and tend to our families.
There are people we talk to,
people we love, and many people
we see but do not know.

Don’t trust the sitcoms,
talkshows, and news to teach you.
Don’t depend on Facebook, Twitter
and YouTube…keep it real, my friend
Remember, your real education
begins when you leave college
and turn off your TV and smart phone.
All the world is around you all the time.
Nature is a teacher
who will not steer you wrong.

Let the world
and your neighborhood
be your school in life…
Learn from your intuition.
Let your soul teach you wisdom.
Look for kindness around you
—sometimes it’s subtle and hidden
by the false bravado and daily banter
of peoples pride.
We all live under one sky.
We all breath
the same kind of oxygen
and drink the same kind of water.
We all want to love and be loved
we all want happiness and to feel useful
we all feel fear and anxiety
from time to time.

The great lies of our time are three—
That national borders
make us different from one another.
That there is more
that is wrong in the world
than there is that is right.
And that our civilization has removed
us all so far from nature
that we cannot learn from it.

Dewey Dirks

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