Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 23, 2014





I have no intention to check you;
say what you will;
do what you can;
only don’t extract a promise from me
that we must now part;

how i wished you to carry a degree
and how we dreamt of a job
for you?
and how hard we tried!

how lucky we are!
you and me: both in our job:

you bring in a lot; i bring in a lot;
and this is too much
for you and me;

when we pile the wealth
after a month;
the rising bank balance;
gives us kicks;

but then i find;
you absent even while in our bed;
and you find me
engrossed in myself;

the common ground between us
has given way;
we have sunk beneath the bed;

we don’t have between us
any body; nor even a small child
who could stand between us;

the falling bank balance
intrigues you; when you find me
busy on phony evenings

and me too suffer from
the loss of faith in you;

our promises look hollow;
our prayers sound empty;

only this room contains us;
otherwise, you have moved
out of me
and i have walked out on you;

let us dismantle this roof;
it is no shelter;
it is no more than a make-believe;
an illusion;
the fact is: we have broken
into you and me;

and before the legal clauses
declare us divorced;
let me pick myself up
and i let you slip out;

let us have a last ride
together down the lift;
and go our parted ways;

let us not remember
we spent together
some good and some bad days;

dr j.s anand
all rights reservedf 2014

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