Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 23, 2014

Long About Midnight

Poesy plus Polemics

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11:59 pm…

wakefulness spent
in uncertainty
fumbling for faith
caught in clockworks
makes filigreed hands
sweep in stutter-steps
knowledge and truth
trapped in hesitant
chase over doubts
cracking faces
of rational thought
lacking trust
reason fails to fill
gaps in experience
moments unlived
foil endeavors
designed to achieve
full expression
of life in the pure
perfection of time

12:00 Midnight…

the cleaving point
splitting existence
with temporal blade
between daylight and dark
colored active and passive
before cut from after
cerebral the rift
shifting instant
sinks consciousness
under its physics
behind rising dreams
that Morpheus lifts
unconstrained by the
drag weight of reason
form taking on shape
of abstraction
when freely received
dares to manifest
mean metaphysic
of life in the pure
perfection of faith

12:01 am…

the subconscious mind
unfamiliar with logic
retrieves tandem
shunned opportunities
down among spring
coil and flywheel
restoring the whole

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