Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 23, 2014

My Craving~by Rikki Bertrand



My Craving

My craving for the blood of you,
To feel the beating of your heart,
Spins me into a world of lust,
In which we both should be a part.

Just to taste you upon my lips,
Suck the sweetness from your tongue,
Would excite my wanton desires,
That of yet are all unsung.

To sink my teeth into your neck,
And make you my man,
Would just be a wasted cause,
For you would not understand.

So I beg you to want me,
Give your love to my heart.
I will let you suck on my beauty,
Give new life a bright start.

We could live life forever,
Just the two of us in throes,
Loving each other,
Without any woes.

I love you my dearest,
But true love is sincere.
Taste of my sweet blood,
Then forever no fear.

©Rik Bertrand (JUNE 2014 #50) I crave you but you must want me too…..
Photo Credit: Omri Koresh – his Graphic Artwork is amazing…

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