Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 23, 2014

The haunting.~by Euten E Lindsay & Tina.



The haunting.

Resonate feelings deep within,
the caverns of my emotions,
some too raw to contemplate
now I can let go at long last.
My stricken soul
seeking dreams and aspirations.
Alone in isolation
to wander hysterical plains of desolation,
I thirst for my elusive erotic female,
causing artful sexual desires.
My absolutely inarguable lover,
on the barren scape.
A passionate nocturnal nomad being,
flames of desire kept barricaded.
To ferile to ravaging and plunder,
to wander the wastelands.
No place to rest my weary,
and battered immortal soul.
Fleeting apparitions haunts
my every cursed moment.
Uncontrollably, constantly,
painful memories reverberates.
So close yet so far away,
unable to touch, caress or stroke my love.
Like night and day never the twain shall meet.
Sun shines for you and me,
how can we be kept apart.
I will grab you in my arms,
caress and drive you crazy impressively.

(c) 2014 Euten

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