Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 24, 2014

My search is over ~by rldubour



My search is over

As I confess~~~right from the start
My search is over~~~she has my heart.
Just took one glance~~~I fell in love
She must be an angel~~~sent from above.

She might be expensive~~~Was my first thought.
I wrote out a note~~~with pen that I brought.
Not looking up~~~as she replied
Will it be yes?~~~will I be denied?

Dad taught me well~~~long,long ago.
Seek what you like~~~not fearing no.
The thoughts that I had~~~she didn’t know.
Was not to rush~~~taking it slow.

I had visioned this night~~~for some time.
I’m not leaving here~~~until she is mine.
My plan was set~~~no more will I roam
Now more determined~~~I will take her home.

Again with my pen~~~a figure I wrote
I loosened my tie~~~clearing my throat.
This figure I wrote~~~beyond and above
Thinking of romance~~~of passion and love

This is the night~~~we leave arm in arm
As she reads the note~~~I smile with charm.
Pushed her hair back~~~looked for awhile
With her eyes it was yes~~~then a sweet smile.


This is the one~~~not leaving alone.
Bidding now over~~~cost unknown
My search, finally ended~~~let it be known
With my wife and her painting~~~now going home!


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