Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 26, 2014





There is a world that is so compelling and offers people sanctuary
It is open to everybody and always runs from January to January
A place for the living not for the faces that appear in an obituary
A place of warmth, full of life not of cold and death like a mortuary

In this world giving up is not part and parcel of the vocabulary
It is run by poets not politicians; they’ve no luxury of a salary
Poets whose ability to touch hearts and inspire is exemplary
They work to motivate, educate and captivate as an ancillary

Great imagination is often like a golden key to the gates of discovery
This world gives freedom from self-imprisonment and mental slavery
A place of hope and encouragement, it also arms people with bravery
To overcome their problems and puts them on the road to recovery

This is the place to escape to from life’s stresses and worldly misery
Young minds grow wings when they’re nurtured in poetry’s nursery
A place to restore inner peace and enlightenment like a lamasery
A place where words feel divine like a religious pendant or rosary

The poetic eye is a gift of sight that sees beyond all things ordinary
It is a cosmic window to the soul and its outreach is extraordinary
It opens doors to a world of wonders, a haven to any visionary
It doesn’t care for race, color or creed, whether a mendicant or luminary

No matter who you are or where you’re from, in here you’re a dignitary
Welcomed with poetic treasures that can’t be bought by anything monetary
Ready to serve the needs of the masses or the needs of someone solitary
Needs of the heart, mind and soul not of the physical or elementary

By Bernard Owor

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