Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 28, 2014

Of Rain Again~by Rajendra Padhi



Of Rain Again

The rain crawls like snakes in window pane
Enters into the body of a man talking over phone,
A conversation of truth and lies teems with tricks
Words of hunger spread into the cloudy night,
The eyes are twisted in a hunter’s game
Schematic in dark words erotic and unashamed,
Pattering sound rushes in blood in lonely night
The heart like a fish jumps in tides swelling high,
Paranoiac and delirious but of intellectual breed
Sanguinary to devour his soul in the garb of a wolf,
His words like the net of spider mystically drawn
Coaxing senses in fun in voluptuous gestures
The rain continues to chase wild swans for love,
It kisses so wild on flower-laden trees at night
Like the loathsome gaming man to lucid women
It grows like lipid in the blood so terrifying
A knock at the door frees anxiety of waiting,
The rain continues with little groans and whisper
Dissolving even a volcano born in the blood,
The night grows older sinking into silence
Waking up a slim moon withheld for hours.

Dt 26-6-2014
Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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