Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 28, 2014

What if they strike!~by rldubour



What if they strike!

Someone said I was elected
To be the bearer of bad news.
I don’t know why they come to me
I’ve hardly time for my reviews.

I should just come out and say it
And I promise I won’t tarry.
Involves a labor issue
If they strike it will be scary.

It’s not benefits or the money
The work conditions put aside.
They feel they no longer function
Have lost their self respect and pride.

There’ll be no imagination
Only the real things kids can see.
Time has come for me to tell them
They’ll all be coming after me!.

It’s Tinker Bell from Peter Pan
Guarded by the Trooping fairies.
Clefairy from Pokeman called
The Leprechauns wearing glengarries.

Alala has left the mermaid
There’s Erans from Quest for Glory.
Plus all the fairy Godmothers
Even the Tooth fairy has a story.

The Piffle Princess and Maleficent
Brought the Photographing fairies
I see Cosmo and there’s Wanda
And their words were quite contrary.

Ribbon the Fairy and Queen Mab
Zoe/Zooi, says dragons can be good!
Oberon, Ariel and Puck
Jack-in-the-green from Robin Hood

Princess Ozma, Princess Riva
The both came with Queen Lurline.
Steve Berman sent Tup Smatterpit
The whole Winx Club was there on time.

Pari the Persian fairy
And Papillion from La Pucelle.
There is Lip from Nintendo
The Blue Fairy doing rather well.

Klabautermann and Titania
Lauma and Wee Willie Winkie.
Ru Fe Morgan from Ah! My Goodness
And Aideen the Fairy with Faireez.

They are all out there holding signs
The sight of this just blew my mind.
To all the kids before they whine.
Will arbitration come in time?

I heard that if you all are good
Mother Fairy will spread the news
They’ll all be happy once again
Just have to mind your P’s and Q’s.

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