Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 29, 2014

‘Seas and Cities’~by Mary Cecil



‘Seas and Cities’

Lonely city streets that burn my soul,

No nature’s gift that might console

Endless empty sightless eyes,

Concrete rising to the skies

Lives drifting like human waste,

Lost forever without a trace

Money worshipped like a god,

Lying cheating just to rob

Or see the vistas far and clear,

On mighty oceans the whales who steer

The golden glow of Rathlin’s dawn,

Nature’s gift a new day born

Waves that rush to kiss my feet,

Whispering winds their songs so sweet

Glory on glory,life and living,

Connected,complete and forgiving

Mary Cecil
Rathlin Island
Northern Ireland
‘For those who ask why did I leave a city to live on a tiny Irish island’


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