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(A tribute to William Burns)
(from the archives

As I opened my history book, began
to read a familiar name came into
view. One as a child I had heard my
father speak of so often.

My great great great grandfather
William Burns Sr. b.1756 d.1843

William was a Revolutinary War Hero
fought in the battle of Kings Mountain

Served in Capt. Joseph Martin’s
company fighting the Indians,
in Col. Christie’s Virginia regiment.

He was discharged at Long Island
of Holston in Tenn. Reinlistened
the same day serving in Capt.
Martins company under Major Belcher
fighting for the frontier.

Shortly after the battle of Ramsour’s
Mill, he enlisted in Wilkes County
N. Carolina to serve with Capt.
Micajah Lewis Co. in Col. Gordon’s
N. Carolina regiment. He served in
Virginia, N. Carolina and Tennessee

The Battle of Kings Mountain

Patriots from Virginia, North
Carolina and Tennessee rose up in arms
went to fight the British.The men met
in S. Carolina, selected eleven hundred
of their best men and horses. William
Burns was one of the Virginians under
William Campbell.

They marched all night though the rain
and on the morning of 10-7-1780, they
arrived at Kings Mountain. The British
had already selected their position and
had the advantage over the Americans.
The battle was on. Another American
regiment appeared on the mountain top
The battle field was equalized. The
battle was a life and death struggle
so was the American cause.

There was a clang of sabers. the charge
and counter charges of cavalry. the
cannons roared, shrieks of havoc, a
bloody struggle, moans of wounded and
dying men.

When the battle ended the Americans
had truly fired a shot that was heard
around the world. Never before had such
a battle been fought.

Thomas Jefferson said it was the turning
point in the war. Great Britian
understood the patriots of America
could not be conquered.

A national monument has been erected by
the U S government in honor of The
Kings Mountain Hero’s.

As I read about William and his struggles
in life I am so proud to carry his name.
I would wish the pages of time could
unfold, repeat itself so he and I could
meet and know each other.

But six generations has passed so all I
can do is pay a tribute to him.
To my beloved grandfather buried deep in
the soil of the country he loved.

His name is listed in the archives as a
Kings Mountain Hero.

copyright heather burns


In the 1800″s an acre of land cost $2.00
an acre
During Williams life time he invested his
money in land.
Owning over 1000 acres, In his senior
years being awarded a military pension
of $9700 per month for his service

A purchase of 48 acres could be made with
one monthly check

making a comparison from then until now we
can clearly see how our money has been
devaluated over the period of years.
In the 1800’s $97.00 was a huge amount
of money.
Today it is near nothing.

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