Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2014

Sea of hearts~by Rikki Bertrand



Sea of hearts

I found a heart on the open sea
I held it my hand.
Its blood was blue,
It beat so true,
Although it was not planned.

A man had thrown it there,
He thought his heart was dead,
He thought there was no love left,
And that his heart could not be fed.

I took the heart and wrapped it up,
I pressed it against my breast,
I felt it start to warm and pound,
And I knew this heart was blessed.

Then on the beach I saw him there,
Lying on the beach close to death.
I turned and I ran to him
To give him my loving breath.

His eyed opened and looked to mine,
And I saw his empty soul.
I kissed him hard with all I had,
To bring him out of his hole.

I gave him back his beating heart,
That I had just filled with all my love.
In return, I hoped that he’d fill mine,
With the beauty in his blood.

Without a word he took my hand
And he placed it on his heart.
He Said,
“You just fixed my life,
That I just tore apart.

Then gently he kissed my mouth,
And hugged me in tight embrace,
He said that he would always love me,
For our hearts our interlaced…..

©Rik Bertrand (JULY 2014 # 61) don’t throw you heart away…. There is always someone that wants you love…..


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