Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 1, 2014

I shall be gone~by Mark Muthiora



I shall be gone

I shall be gone for a day, in the hills over yonder
I will cross streams, wade in rivers and fall in ponds
I will scale the acacia tree, untangle myself from ivy
I will race with the jaguar and roar with the lion
At times, soar with the eagle.

I shall be gone for a week, in grey mountains far away
I will drink dew from the palm of leaves
Suckle nectar from the Black-Eyed Susan
I will trek and drudge, fall weary and ill
Perhaps, run mad.

I shall be gone for a month, seek cleansing in the desert
I will stumble and fall, drag myself one more inch
My tongue swollen and black, I will cry out to death
Buzzards hovering over me
Visions upon me will descend.

I shall be gone for a year, in search of truth my dear
Soul search and reflect on life, I will judge not
I will dine with kings and dance with street urchins
For I know this thing called life; this thing called life
Is just but a perception, an illusion, a hallucination.

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