Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 4, 2014

‘Over Far Horizons’~by Mary Cecil



‘Over Far Horizons’

Over far horizons and out of reach,
Soft winds gently blow
Boats in the harbour await me,
Where sweet the waters flow

Seas gently ripple in dawn’s early light,
Sea birds fly through golden skies
Nets are cast for flashing fish,
As Gleaming Gannets cry

Seals basking on sun warmed rocks
Tendrils of clinging seaweed sway,
Complete and perfect peace
Out at the welcoming bay

Boats toss through rising seas
The witch’s cauldron grows
Masterful hands at the helm
As tearing sea winds blow

Darkening skies where oceans rule,
Waves that call to me,
Mighty mysterious troughs and peaks
And this I long to see

Enchanted isle of dreamy depths
And seas so wild and free
Set fair for Rathlin
And anchor there for me

Mary Cecil.

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