Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 4, 2014

‘The Unseen Void’~by Mary Cecil



‘The Unseen Void’

I feel a disconnect, an apartness
A space of emptiness that swirls,
A recoil in my heart that never ends
That unceasing tide that flows

I smile, I shine, sometimes I dazzle
But there it remains waiting,
The unseen void in me
As I maintain my false reality

What do you see?
A blithe carefree soul?
How great the pretence,
How good the act

Yet even as the darkness invites
A surrender complete,
I resist the beckoning persuader,
As I pivot on the edge

The optimism still flutters
My spirit’s unconquered hopes,
My belief in love’s redeeming power,
My longing for life’s validation

Mary Cecil

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