Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 5, 2014

A Book Will Be Published~by DrRatan Bhattacharjee



A Book Will Be Published

Today I am on the nine clouds and I heard shouts of joy
Inside my heart wondrous extravagance of the sun
My mind became ample green as if I won the city of Troy
A book will be published , a new life of dream begun.

Oleander , do you remember when we first planned the book
That day crimson and orange was the wide round sky
The first dawn light brightened each dark nook
We enjoyed the golden beauty around the field of paddy and rye

You allowed me to wander with you leaving the twilight behind
No emptiness was there and your love for me was so kind
It was a sweet chime of a soundless bell
How much I dream of you .who can tell?

A great book will be published and Time will stand still
Green blades of grass liberated the air and a promise to fulfil
As the Taj was built with every brick and stone turned to marble
Daylight wanes and in the moonlit night you did warble.
At last the work is done to make the eyes of oblivion dance
A book is published and the summer of hope in abundance.


  1. ORT-ORT-ORT! (My silly Seal of Approval) GOOD NEWS!!! (I’m waiting for my LARGE PRINT version of my one book….to come out! 🙂

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