Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2014

A miraculous poem~by Abdul Wahab



A miraculous poem

Though sound is not gracious enough
To bless me with the sweet music
Yet I very closely see the hands 
Of all the classic musicians beating drums
And feel from the very core
The tickling rhythms
In the corpuscles of my blood
But I can’t express them
As speech is not gracious enough
To bless me who is born without words
Yet I keenly notice the curl
Of the artistic lips of a great leader
When they arouse the dead souls of masses
Or a great poet recites his great poems
With perfect modulation of his voice
And get a spark on my nerve
Set by the rising vigor and the surging verve
To compose wordless poetry.

To witness the wonder people from far off lands
Come and wait passionately while I plunge deep into my thoughts
Tick tock, tick tock time trickles by
But I could not conjure anything substantial
They are fed up with my contortions and jugglery
And stand up to bid me goodbye
While With all of my iron determinations
I sense an impending defeat
Then I suddenly go with my instinct
And react with my trade mark shout ‘’aweeee!’’
Then and then they are all found
Going there gaping
And I become a poet
As they later call it a poem
With all the qualities of being miraculous!


  1. simply wonderful 🙂

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