Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2014





There is such a peace here
where leaves of grass sway
under suffusion of a warm pink
flowing from the lips of a greedy sun
sucking the honey of cold dew
when the dawn of our tryst
had melted into a liquid love
at the feet Divine
with whispers
of secrets to salvation
spreading into the body of leaves
grown lush green with an ecstasy
that take the burdened spirits away
into a land of white relief
on petals of an unlimited love
that dance to the tune of holy dust
falling from under your tired feet
for the expectant hearts to warmly greet.

I sweat, I shiver, I sing and your words do repeat
at the altar of our souls’union with joy so replete !

Centipedes roam here with wild excitement
to fall in line for the morning march of the day
millipedes arrange the horses for ride
of the morning sun
and butterflies hoist the multicolored flag
for declaration of freedom from body
on this new day of our love unlimited
that keeps my mornings so excited !!!

comp. n copyright: saroj k. padhi

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