Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 8, 2014

HELP ME~by Subila E. Chilupula




Today I pulled out my violin and I played a melody
Soft sad notes, somewhat melancholy
The sound of a mermaid weeping
Eerie, yet enticing, soul sweeping
A symphony meant to unsettle to fill you with dread
The ideal dirge for the dead
Goose bumps slowly rise
Hairs stand on end taste the bile, feel it rise
And to my melody I performed a ballet
Slow precise movements, Swan Lake, the famous ballet
Liquid movements telling a story
Pirouette, fouetté, jeté and a final entrechat completes my story
Once a princess
But then without a prince, what’s a princess?
I lost him, just as I knew I would
Blame it on fate she wrote it in the stars
All the short-lived joy and the permanent scars
Cupid’s arrow now a rusty dagger
Twisting painfully in my heart, goddess Venus watches me stagger
She laughs, a hollow sound
She mocks me as I fall to the ground
When your heart has taken too many bruises and the bitter overrides the sweet,
The soul gets tortured by the hate and anger driven heat
And a broken heart combined with a battered soul
Becomes a walk down the streets of

O mighty poet, grab thy writing weapon and fix mine heart
Heal mine soul, it’s been torn apart
Let thy words wash over me like a soothing balm
Let your rhythm set the pace of my heart and make it calm
For if I am to cope
Thou art my last hope

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