Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 8, 2014

Light Of Jesus~by Marie Falck



Light Of Jesus

Lord Jesus, please continue
To shine Your Light
So we can see Your Divine truths
Given with Your love so free
Please remove all doubt and fear
And guide us as we live our lives for Thee
Walking by faith, as You lead the way
Please take our will, and make it Thine
Jesus, our Great Shepherd, Christ Divine
By Your grace, lead us on the path
As we travel here below
Climbing upward to victory
Till we reach our Eternal goal
Someday soon, Heaven’s Gates will open wide
And we’ll be welcomed Home, forever to abide
Jesus, Himself, will wipe away all our tears
Where we’ll live forever happy
Throughout Eternity’s years

By Marie Falck – Ruhlmann


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