Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 8, 2014

Love of My Life~by Pamela Bland



Love of My Life

You’re the rainbow that sits up in the sky,
Full of hope and so full of life.
You make my cloudy days go away,
You bring out the sun on any bad day.

You’re a million stars shining bright,
Love glistening all over you.
You fight away darkness and bring out the light,
With out you, I wouldn’t know what to do.

You’re a diamond in the rough,
Precious and of a lot of value.
Even when life gets tough,
Positivity shines through you.

You light up my heart like it’s on fire,
Send a shock wave through me.
You’re the only one that I desire,
Your love sets me free.

You’re the wind blowing my hair,
So gentle and pleasant.
I love how you’re always there,
A special gift from God, you were my present.

You’re a love song stuck in my head,
I think about you and can’t get you out.
I want this love of ours to spread,
Because you’ve shown me what true love is about.

You’re the colors of every flower,
Vibrant and beautiful in every way.
Your love has so much power,
That you give my life meaning every day.

You’re the sound of waves crashing on shore,
Very peaceful and calming.
You’re the one I adore,
You give me a feeling that’s relaxing.

You’re the reason for the saying love bug,
Because you have so much love to share.
You give me so many hugs,
To show me that you care.

You’re the one who gave the word love meaning,
Before it was just a word.
Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming,
But all of my prayers were heard.

You’re the reason for Valentine’s day,
That’s why cupid sent you to me.
To shower me with love in every way,
And your love, I can surely see.

You’re the angel sent from above,
Specially crafted and made.
I have never gotten so much love,
From anyone up until this day.

Dedicated to Larry Edwards

© July 07, 2014
~The One and Only~

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