Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 8, 2014

THE CHERUB ( Goelian Sonnet )~by Surender Goel



( Goelian Sonnet )

Rhyme: abbaccaddaeeae

She played in dust for one and half year,
My niece a lovely child,
Wit and talent she booned.
No such jocular and bold child far and near,
In the city of Dilli,
She was a flower of lily.
Love o’ each swelled in great care,
Bulged cholera abruptly in the city,
And kept her in Saturn’s vivacity.
But nature embraced her with a swear,
To teach, to guide and nurse,
In open greensire far from earthly curse,
In blue among the immortal stars,
Echoes sky: She was a super human verse.

-Surender Goel

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