Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 12, 2014

A SONG OF MY TIME~by Saroj Padhi




Here where tears grow empty
On skin of lust for body dirty

Plasma replaces blood
When values rot under sod

Only wealth is legitimate
Money doth love arrogate

Mind dwells in a blind alley
True love mourns in time’s valley

Only urge for living is obstinate
Ignoring life’s bliss ultimate

Emotion carved on wooden faces
Our vital feelings so oft replaces

We love to live at the rough edge
With fake passion and faulty craze

When life beautiful turns into a mirage
As we are caught here in rising road-rage

Without hope for any release from the captive air
Where we breathe a life of meaningless bondage !!!

Comp. n copyright : saroj k. padhi

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