Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 14, 2014





Love spins tales that are nostalgic and some quite tragic
Its twists and turns can be catastrophic or full of magic
Bestows lessons so metaphoric and feelings so euphoric
With endings that are terrific and some sad and horrific
Having scenes so hot and graphic or as boring as traffic
Love has many faces and colors nothing quite specific
It forges ties strong and ironic and others plain and platonic
Love can be a malady so chronic or a remedy, healing tonic
It can spring odes so chaotic and some sweet and harmonic
Love strings can prove problematic but mostly they’re romantic
It has attributes that are enigmatic and others so emblematic
It stirs raw emotions that can be diabolic or practically angelic
Its ways can be quite implicit and its charms can be explicit
Leading to actions so eccentric but some crude and barbaric
Whether painful or ecstatic for sure love waves are never static

By Bernard Owor

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