Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 15, 2014

Love Comes Many Times. Marriage But Once~by DrRatan Bhattacharjee



Love Comes Many Times. Marriage But Once

Love Comes Many Times. Marriage But Once

Love never gives the lovers a clean chit
In Marriage there should not be any trust deficit.
But still married couple should give Love a chance
Or they will lose all life’s funs.

When at night we all sleep, husbands and wives
The wavy ocean with all its waves in our heart revives
Memories of longing and unfulfilled desires
Our senses awakened and the soul’s lusty fires

The husband and wives are so full of dullness and gloom
In the garden of lovers , the countless oleanders bloom
Marriage is like a mirage in the desert of Dallas
So many sky kissing apartments, lifeless and callous

Love is the communion , the flowing flow of life ..
It revitalises marriage too of husband and wife
Beneath the hard soil of conjugal bond and share
What an economics underlies, very unfair.
Near the fountain the lovers smile out life
They are oblivious of all struggle and strife.

Love comes many times , marriage but once
Bubbly Lovers feel like the peacocks,
Krishna with his flute in search of Radha ever runs
Marriage is a golden chain , it stops the lovely dance.

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