Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 20, 2014

Criss-Cross ……by abdul wahab~North Wind



Criss-Cross ……by abdul wahab

Neither all Christians are Americans

Nor all Muslims are Arabians

In Arabian Peninsula there are Christians

In the land of America there are Muslims, too

Criss –crossing nations

Criss-crossing races

Religion is mere a feather

Adorning the crown of your belief

When a European kills a white Muslim

Or an Asian kills a black Christian

They are killing whom?

They are killing their own race

When a monk of Sri-Lanka kills a Sri-Lankan Muslim

Or a Christian of Burma kills a Burmese monk

Whom do you think they are killing?

They are killing their own nation

When a catholic kills a protestant

Or a Shia kills a Sunni

Or a dalit is killed by  a Brahmin

They are killing none

But their own religious people

But what do you say

When Osama Bin Laden or Hitler

Or a Zion kills?


They kill human beings

Their own species

Killers are insane

A menace of mankind

Threatening  their own existence

Think man think

Think hard

Or be ready to be perished


—————-by abdul wahab

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