Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 20, 2014

Poet … abdul wahab~North Wind



Poet … abdul wahab

Clear your throat a bit poet
And sing your song a little bit louder
Here the soil is uneven
And wind blows in a curve.

Raise your voice a little bit, poet
And sing your songs in a higher pitch
Here streams are rusty
And rays fall in an unequal length

Milk of kindness here also flows
Like a river tears also shed
But they are conceived in mind
After looking the colors of sorrow

Here all pain is not the same
All death s are not equally a loss
As if logic here has its own religion
And the flame of reason has its own race

Sing poet, sing a bit louder
And pitch up your tone
Here hate is bloomed like a flower
And like crops prejudices are grown.




—-by abdul wahab

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