Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 20, 2014

‘When’~by Mary Cecil




When is the body count high enough?
How much power will it take?
To satisfy the destroyers
How vast must their riches be?

As mothers cry and children weep
Those anguished souls who suffer,
As mankind pivots on the abyss
And they tear the heart from humanity

The mountains of grief
The rivers of tears that flow,
The channels that rip
And twist our dreams away

Did their mothers love them?
And swing them in their cradles?
Those monstrous minds to come,
And kiss their lips so sweet

Did their Fathers hug them?
And hold them close at night?
Building castles by the sea,
With soft little hands that grasped

Where came the cold hearts from?
What worlds did they know?
To blight the lives of us
With their unforgiving hatreds

Mary Cecil


  1. Thanks Bloggers for all your likes.They help to inspire and encourage me.

  2. All very good questions – I wish I had the answer!

  3. In the words of that old song ‘The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind’

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