Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 22, 2014

‘Every Man a Brother’~by Mary Cecil



‘Every Man a Brother’

There’s a song on the wind
That wafts forever
It’s the song of humanity
Lost in time

The time of dreams
Where children would play
In throngs of happiness
With love and contentment

Where stories would be told
Of days of plenty
A place in the sun
And every man a brother

A day and an hour
A light and a cradle
A song that lilts
In every man’s heart

Now the dispossessed
Have only dreams
The suffering have only pain
And darkness waits

The measure of unhappiness
Will climb to reach the sun
And fortunes won then lost
The riches will not sing

The coins will weigh heavy
Nor dance in the sun
Until again we find
Every man a brother

Mary Cecil


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