Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 22, 2014

The Glow ~ by rldubour



The Glow

One evening in the dark of night
Something strange, not quite right.
Every soul was now awake.
Everyone would partake!

All Gods creatures that walked the earth
Time has come for re-birth.
From east to west, from north to south
Not one sound from any mouth!

Deafening silence all could hear
Evil knew… What was near!
The day had come that evil feared!
Good will win and be persevered!

Mother’s crying as tears where shed.
Tears for life and the dead.
And brave men stood, they were in awe
At the glow…they all saw.

As God reached out with His two hands,
So all will understand.
The glow did pierce the hearts of man
Struck evil from the land!

The doors of heaven then appeared
Silence broke, people cheered!
One by one…all would climb those stairs
To be judged, not compared!

When the last soul had reached the top
They all knew that earth did stop.
That glow that felt so warm to all
Turned into a fire ball.



Consumed the earth with one quick flash
Everything turned to ash.
Evil was thrown from all mankind
Only peace… they will find.

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