Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 24, 2014

The Beauty of the Forest~by Shi Ricks



The Beauty of the Forest

The beauty of The forest,
Is at ,nature’s best.
Birds, trees, where animals rest.
Rocks with colors ,
More than I’ve ever seen .
Fresh water so clear,
Runs in a stream.
Plants with flowers,
An wild rabbits jump high.
The crack of dawn,
Filled with fireflies.
Where majic appears,
An families of deers.
The chirping of birds, as they bond.
Tadpoles an frogs,
In a lily pond.
Beautiful, strange,
An creepy trees.
The real meaning of ,
The birds an the Bee’s.
Though tough weather,
There’s no force,
the forest handles it,
with nature’s course.
The One place that,
Gives an heals
Life itself.
The beauty of the forest ,
Don’t need no help.
As time continues to run it’s course,
There’s Nothing is like
The beauty of The Forest.
By: Shi Ricks
@copy 2014

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